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Fall garden plans - need help


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Western Michigan
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I have garlic that will be out of the ground really soon as well as just cleared out a row of snap peas and now have several square feet needing to be filled. One 3'x3' in ground bed and about 16 square feet in a raised bed.

Typically up here we have a lite frost in mid to late September, average first hard frost is Oct 10 - 15, and expect 8 to 10 inches of snow to have come and gone by New Years.

What can I still get going at this point?

We have been really liking cooked greens but have kale (red russian and blue dwarf), bright lights chard, and fordhook chard going and I hope the collards are taking hold now too. We have three broccoli plants and have just harvested main heads from two of them.

I was thinking maybe a mix of beets, carrots, spinach, and lettuce.
Anyone think there's enough time to get a worth while crop of snow or snap peas going?
Anything I'm just clearly missing from the possible list?

I have yet to do well on a fall garden.
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