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So I made myself a hoe


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I have been looking at a specalty weeding hoe for a while but the $50 price tag had me on hold. So I decided to make one.

This is the collinear hoe designed by Elliot Coleman for, and sold by, Johnny Seeds. It is a narrow sharpened blade that slides around at the soil level slicing off young weeds. This design allows you to stand upright with my off hand (left hand) up almost to my shoulder and right hand directs it around.

First off I had a broken old spade which sacrificed itself for the hoe blade:

Shape, grind, sharpen, and drill out the mounting holes then attach the blade to a length of flat steel to act as a tang into a wooden handle.

The blade is only 4 inches wide and about 1 inch front to back.

I used this hoe to knock down the weeds that were sprouting up in my garden. I can knock down the weeds with almost surgical precision while standing up.
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