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I am new to this forum, I'm going through a hard time at home so I have turned to gardening/making bread ha. I found this idea on pinterest for mini greenhouses using totes, so i thought why not it still gets cold here in KS in march but i needed something to keep my mind off of what is going on.

In one tote i have cucumbers, Sweet corn, Peppers, tomatoes and zucchini
In the second tote i have more peppers, onions (purple), celery and jalapenos
In the third tote its all strawberries
in the last tote i have broccoli and lavender.

I am so excited for this. Last year i grew tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos those came out soo good. The pumpkins not so much and the strawberries got eaten by the rabbits, so this year we are making something off the ground.

Any words of advice im still new at this but i enjoy it and having anxiety it calms me down to watch them grow and water them and what not. Weird I know!