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Best Online Garden Supply Business?


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New here - in fact my first thread.

With the recent isolation requirements in our country, shopping for needed supplies to get started with gardening in for the season isn't going to happen locally very much, if at all.

I need things, you may need things, but I want to get some things - now that I have all of this time at home - to get going on my season.

So, from your experiences, which online garden supply companies have you found to be the most trustworthy, affordable, easy to use, reliable?


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Well what level of "supplies" are you looking for?

I have liked three companies and will continue to use them. BUT I also really like my local guy (western Michgan) and will use his shop before ordering online.

My local guy De Bruyn Seeds and this shop is an easy bike ride from home. 85 cent big packs of garden seeds.

Johnny Seeds - big national based in Maine. Have a great selection and getting better on their tools.

Hoss Tools - these guys have the tools and supplies for major gardens. They also have GREAT customer service. I ordered a wheel hoe from them then a year later wanted another plow piece for it. The plow design changed in that year but when I called up and asked they were able to climb thru the warehouse and find an old revision part to match mine and sent that as my order rather than making me buy a whole new set.

Botanical Interests - these guys are smaller as a seed company but have had some more unique packs I've wanted - like a climbing solid vine alternate for summer squash that is impervious to squash vine borrer.
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