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A current project plant "Arbutilon 'Red Tiger'


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So I obtained this plant from a florist that apparently doesn't know how to take care of plants...not surprising though she was a flowers not a gardener. I spotted this Arbutilon in her shop hiding in the corner. I noticed it had a bad aphid infestation and I pointed it out to her as an attempt to strike a deal on the plant and it looked like it could use little more love than it was getting.

I cleaned it up a bit, cut it back a little and now its in full recovery mode. It has new blooms popping up all over atm the moment and cant wait for the foliage to re-grow and get a little more bushy. This is the first time I have ever played around with this species and have been loving the striking flowers it grows!

Also have been playing around with cuttings and have found it roots really well in plain water, no hormones. I have already rooted 4 different cutting and gave them all to friends and family.

If anyone knows anything or has a few tips they think they should share with me on this plant, I would be more than grateful. So far everything is working in my favor but you know how it goes and it may not even tell me its sad/mad until its too late! I keep it well watered, as I have read it prefers that the soil stays moist and doesn't dry out. I think I may have it in a location that its getting a touch too much sun, but not sure.

Anyways here are a few pics to enjoy and let me know what you think!?

And then like I mentioned the cutting have shown to root very easily in plain water.
IMG_5606 2.JPG

I will continue to post pics of this plant as the spring continues. Another cool thing about this plant is that it should continue to flower all the way and into the fall a bit. I do plan on bringing it inside for the winter but I believe it would be able to handle our PNW winters if I wanted it to. I am apparently located right on the outer limits (zone wise, I am in 8b) where this plant is supposed to be able to handle being outside all year.
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